Lewis’s profile film from Season 1 (2009).

My favourite things…

Lady GaGa, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Led Zeppelin.
Mr Bean.
Roast dinners.
Drink when out on the town
Pint of Shandy.
Perfect night out
Prefer chilling out at home.
TV Programmes
The Simpsons, Rat Race, Only Fools & Horses, Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights.
A collage of 3 photographs: Lewis on summer holiday, Lewis with Megan, Lewis on the trian.
“I apologise from the bottom of my fart!”


Mariah Carey — pants! Kylie Minogue — she's pants too!
TV Programmes
X-factor — it's pants, Eastenders, Coronation Street — nothing good going on in there, only talking and that's it!

Q & A

Describe each housemate in one word…
Hilly — loud, Lucy — talks too much, Sam — smelly, Megan — perfect.
What is your most irritating habit?
I break wind a lot!
What are your ambitions?
What hobbies do you have?
Play football.
What is your learning disability?
I have no idea!
I think it's William's Syndrome.
Oh right.
What kinds of things do you struggle with?
There's nothing I can't do.
Can you read?
Err, No! (laughs)
What do your support workers help you with?
Washing, cooking.
Lewis on summer holiday.
Group of 5 photographs: Lewis & Sam; Hilly & Lewis; Sam hugging Lewis; Lewis enjoying après-ski with Hilly, Lucy and Sam; Lewis with swimming goggles.