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Welcome to the “Xtra Special Zone”. Over the next year you will be able to access a growing collection of films on a wide variety of subjects such as independent living, parenting, siblings & relationships. Some of this content is free, for some you will need a subscription. Remember, any subscription you buy will help us make more. But don’t worry we’re worth it! 😊

The Specials in Lockdown

Dan, Katy, Megan, Hilly, Lewis and Sam on a Zoom chat.
The guys jump on Zoom to discuss how they are coping with lockdown.


Zach in a science classroom looking at a test tube of blue liquid.

We have a wealth of content to share with you including our 30 min documentary following Zach, a pupil at a mainstream school in Clevedon. Come this way…

If I could go back…

Collage or parents talking to the camera

An inspiring new series of moving videos contributed by parents from all over the world who have children with intellectual disabilities.

Megan & Sam’s Big Announcement

Sam proposing to Megan.

After nearly 6 years together, Megan and Sam have some very big news to share with you…

Megan & Sam’s Engagement Interview

Sam & Megan on the sofa.

An in-depth interview with Megan & Sam about their upcoming wedding!

Our Brothers & Sisters

Gemma, Tommy, Josie and Megan.

Ever wondered about our brothers and sisters? In this 3-part series you get to meet them as we talk about what it was like growing up together.

Home at Last

Hilly and Dafydd

A 4-part series spanning 26 years: from Hilly’s birth in 1989 to her life in 2016 sharing a house in Brighton with her friends, as seen in “The Specials”.

Behind the scenes

Megan sitting on her bed being filmed.

“The Specials” is a labour of love project for everyone involved. Here we introduce you to the people working on the show, the equipment we use and share secrets from the voiceover booth…

Season 1 outtakes

Lucy walking down the road with megan behind her.

12 extra scenes not included in the broadcast episodes. From the guys’ golf trip to Lucy & Sam talking about their past relationship.

Season 2 outtakes

Sam laughing with Robbie on a park bench.

14 brand new scenes! Filming of Season 2 took place over one year, so there was a lot of good stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor…

Say ‘Hello’

Natasha Jones showing us her artwork.

Come and introduce yourself and read about fans of “The Specials” from all over the world. Send us your videos and photos and tell us what life is like where you live.

Sam meets Sam

Sam and Sam.

Sam, 17, our biggest fan from Downunder came to meet us & tour our home. We filmed it, of course…

Our story

The gang having a group hug.

A photo timeline of “The Specials” story starting from Hilly’s birth in 1989. It’s been quite a journey so far…

Fun films

Lucy screaming at the camera in the dark.

It’s not all drama with us, you know…

Coming soon…

The guys having a group hug.

Find out what we are working on at the moment and tell us what you would like to see.

Meet “The Specials”

Sam, Hilly, Lucy, Megan and Lewis on Brighton beach front.

Profile films and Q&A with each of the housemates.

We love you, Owen!

Owen singing karaoke.

On 2nd June 2011, a close friend of “The Specials” died. Owen was a truly inspiring guy and we all loved spending time with him. As a special tribute we have put together this film that we hope captures his wonderful attitude to life.

Thank you Claire & Étienne

Megan, Sam, Hilly and Lewis on the sofa.

We made friends with Claire & Étienne who have a young son Benoît with Down Syndrome. They translated Season 1 into French for us and here is our film to say ‘Thank you!’.


The housemates crowding around a laptop.
A place for everyone to discuss the episodes and the issues they raise. Come and join the conversation!

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