Behind the scenes

Megan being filmed giving an interview while sitting on her bed.
“This is our world and we want to share it with you!”

This simple invitation perfectly sums up the ethos of “The Specials”. Unlike conventional documentaries in which people are observed as subjects, Sam, Hilly, Lucy, Lewis and Megan are letting you into their world on their own terms. They narrate the show and are involved in every step of the production process as co-producers/owners of the series. “The Specials” is a challenging programme to make, a labour-of-love project for everyone concerned, so we thought you might like to know how we do it, while introducing you to some of the people who have been involved in its production over the years…


Katy meets with the “The Specials” around the kitchin table.

Katy, one of our producers, explains how “The Specials” came into being, taking you through our collaborative production process.


Lewis, Megan, Sam, Lucy & Hilly at Brighton beach promenade.

Meet all the people who helped make “The Specials” and find out exactly what they did.


Video camera.

The equipment needed to make broadcast quality films doesn’t have to be overly expensive. In fact, for observational filming, it’s important to travel light. Here’s what we used…


Ryan, the “Beat Express” guitarist rocking out on stage.

We love the music we use in “The Specials”! Find out more about the incredible musicians who contributed to our show…

Our Webby Awards

“The Specials” with one of their Webby Award trophies.

One of our proudest moments was winning 2 Webby Awards back in 2010. Here you’ll see films covering the whole story including our trip to the awards ceremony in New York.

Saviours of “The Specials”

Lucy, Paul, Chris, Hilly, Nick, Lewis, Megan, Richard and Sam celebrate the broadcast of the show on OWN.

Find out how the producers of “Game of Thrones”, Rosie O’Donnell and Oprah Winfrey saved our show.


Lewis in the voiceover boothe.

Recording the voiceover was hard work, but a lot of fun! You might be surprised how we did it…