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This is what we’ve been up to recently!

The Specials in Lockdown

Dan, Katy, Megan, Hilly, Lewis and Sam on a Zoom chat.
The guys jump on zoom to discuss how they are coping with lockdown.

Debbie is 30

Debbie dressed up as Kat Slater from EastEnders

To celebrate we had a party and everyone dressed up as their favourite celebrity

Singing in the studio

Everyone laughing at the mixing desk

We have just been in a music studio recording “I got dreams” a song written by Dafydd. Exciting!

Our new housemate

Megan, Sam and Debbie

Meet Debbie! You might recognise her from Season 2.

Sunset Drinks

Chris, Hilly and Megan on the beach.

Beer and a beautiful sky to celebrate Hilly’s birthday.

Setting the date

Megan and Sam with their parents

Megan and Sam got together with their folks to plan the wedding and set the date...

Our holiday in Las Palmas

Paul and Hilly selfie on holiday

Sangria, sunbathing and selfies.

Happy WDSD in Makaton

Megan, Lewis, Hilly and Sam doing Makaton on the sofa.

Bear with us it's not often we use our makaton skills! Happy World Down Syndrome Day 💙💛

Guess who is 28 today…

Megan crawling as a toddler.

Megan has always been a cutie! Here are some pics from over the years.

Megan & Sam have big news

Megan and Sam kiss

Stills from our in-depth interview, guaranteed to melt your heart. Coming soon!