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This is what we’ve been up to recently!

X Factor Auditions

Hilly, Megan, Sam & Lewis doing making the X Factor sign.

We were just watching this time…

Make a wish, Megan!

Megan about to blow out candles on her cake.

It’s Megan’s 27th Birthday. Cocktail time…

Friday night bowling

Richard, Lewis and Nick at bowling.

It’s thirsty work you know…

Happy New Year!

Hilly and Megan looking glam.

We are all dressed up for our New Year’s Eve Party.

Winter Wonderland

Sam and Megan on swings at Winter Wonderland.

We always love visiting the Winter Wonderland in London before Christmas.

Getting fruity

Sam and Hilly holding a blow-up banana.

All in preparation for a musical performance this week.

We met Sam Bailey!

Paul, Nick, Hilly, Sam and Megan with Sam Bailey.

We loved her on X Factor in 2013.


Megan as the Evil Queen from Snow White.

Our Halloween outfits.

Curry night

Lewis, Sam, Paul, Megan, Nick, and Richard all giving Lucy a group hug.

A big hug for Lucy at curry night 💗.

Chilled out

Megan selfie.

I'm all chilled out today.