Live Q&A tonight!

It's our Halloween party tonight (Friday 27 October), so we thought we'd do a live Q&A here at the same time (about 7pm UK time). We'll also be sharing photos and videos from the night too 😉 So start posting your questions below, people!

It’s the scariest time of the year, so tell me, what scares each of you?

Thunderstorms & dogs! Some dogs are nice though…

Sam! He is a freak!


Skeletons 😨

The tractor ride at Tully's Farm 😱

What’s the best bit about living with all your friends and what’s the worst bit about living with all your friends?

Waiting for the shower.

Best - Megan is lovely and gorgeous.
Worst - Doing chores. I hate it.

The best bit is that I can help my friends. There is no worst bit! :-)

Hey there guys! I was just wondering what is you dream job and what is stopping you from getting it?

Working in Florida!

Singing :-)

Making coffee. 🍵

Musicals critic!

Hello Guys. I would like to know what makes you the happiest?

Michelle Keegan - love her in to show Army Girl. Also my fiancé Paul.

My friends!

Cosplay and when Brighton Seagulls win! ⚽

Hello Dear !
Very impatient to see your Haloween costumes !
How did you enjoy the new website launch ? :-D
Lots of Love from France !

Like it?

Awesome ! You're freaking me out !! :-D

Right? That Dios de los Muertos costume is spot on!

Hello from Brighton! ☺

Hello. Me and my beautiful fiancée!

One more question from me: did y’all ever take the Vegas trip you mentioned while you were in Malta? If not, when are we all meeting there? 😉

no i will have to arrang it

Not yet - one day!

Just saying hi, especially to Sam. Excited to start watching your new series. Love Mary Anne

hello how you doin' ;-)

Good thanks Sam, but my life is nowhere near as exciting as yours. Long time since those Brunei days eh? Have a fun party.

Hi lovely to meet you ❤️

Thank you Hilly 😃

Hello! Hope you like season 2! 🙋

Hi Megan, I’m sure I will. 😃

Hi Megan, I’m sure I will. 😃

hello. What about me? I'm in charge!

Sorry, Paul in charge! Hello to you too 😃

Hi Housemates! My question is: which is your favourite day of the week? And why? ☺️

saturday i like takeaways tv programs and music radio hard

Saturday cos Strictly is on 🎶

Saturday it's my happiest day. I get to listen to radio heart. ♡

Monday. Pub quiz! 🍻

Saturdays. But I like a nice rest on Sunday

Bye bye everyone. We're off to party!

What your Favorite sweet ?
Happy Halloween

Candy twirl sticks

Dip Dab ♥♥♥

Dairy milk caramel chocolate

Cadbury Eclairs