Romance - who needs it, eh?

Daniel holding a present for Lucy.

Free clip: Share the pain in this Valentine’s Day clip from Episode 2 of Season 2.

Angie on Megan’s education

Angie (Megan’s mum) talking to the camera.

Megan’s mum, Angie, takes us through Megan’s education from her start at a mainstream primary school to her time at an independence unit at a SLD school.

Come here you stupid chickens!

Lewis chasing a chicken.

Free clip Come here you stupid chickens. Come here!

Episode 3 Trailer

Megan and Sam looking at each other flirtatiously whilst wearing camo T-shirts.

In Episode 3, tensions begin to rise before 2 members of the house make a big announcement…

Megan & Sam have some big news for you!

Split screen of Megan and Sam smiling.

Free clip It’s the end of Episode 3 & Megan & Sam have some big news for you. Gotta ❤ these two…

Sam visits his brother at Windsor Castle

Sam at Windsor Castle.

Free clip Sam visits his younger brother Jack who is at Windsor Castle guarding the Queen…

Sam’s mum on his education in Sussex & Brunei

Fran talking to the camera.

Fran talks about Sam’s school days & his experience of joining a mainstream school at 16 when they moved to Brunei!

Zach’s GCSE Dance Duet

Zach rehearsing his GCSE dance routine with his teacher

Free clip Zach rehearsing his GCSE dance routine with his teacher.

Zach’s GSCE Dance Solo

Zach performing his GCSE dance solo

Free clip Zach performing his GCSE dance solo.

Zach’s mum and his teachers discuss inclusion

Zach linking arms in a drama class at school.

Free clip We hear from Zach’s mum Mandy as well as his Forum Tutor, Head of School and Clevedon’s Inclusion lead.

Carol on mainstream vs SEN schooling

Carol talking to the camera.

Carol explains how she came to a decision between mainstream versus SEN schooling for Hilly.

School reunion for “The Specials”

Hilly, Sam and Megan hug at their school reunion.

The guys return to their SEN school Court Meadow and meet up with their old teachers.

Dafydd on teaching

Long before Dafydd, together with Carol, set up the house where the guys’ live, he was their teacher! Here he talks about his experiences.