If I could go back…

An inspiring series of films contributed by parents all over the world who have children with intellectual disabilities. They talk honestly about their feelings at the time of diagnosis and tell us what advice they wish they could have given to their former selves.

We will be regularly adding new films. If you would like to send in your own film please contact us. It’s a chance to reflect on your own experiences and to pass on your valuable insight to new parents who are just commencing their own journey.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! We have received videos from parents in England, Wales, USA, Australia, Sweden, Nepal, France, Spain & Brazil. Special thanks must go to The Down Syndrome Diary for their support and contributions as well as to our local friends at T21 Brighton & Hove.

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Group Film

Collage of parents talking to the camera.

This group film brings together contributions by parents from all over the world.


Pippa and Leo

Free film: Pippa comes from Brighton and is mum to Leo, 9. Pippa has made 2 fantastic films, one full of emotion, one full of great advice.


Wyn and his daughter Angharad.

Free film: Wyn is dad to Angharad who is 11. They live in Wales.


Clotilde and her son Baptiste.

Clotilde is from France and is mum to 4½ year old Baptiste.


Angie and Megan.

Angie is Megan’s mum (one of the stars of “The Specials”).