Home at Last

A 4-part series spanning 26 years: from Hilly’s birth in 1989 to her life in 2016 sharing a house in Brighton with her friends, as seen in “The Specials”.

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Part 1

Hilly hugging her mum in the kitchin.

Part 1 of this moving series begins with Carol talking about Hilly’s birth when she was a young mum of 22 & reflecting on the early impact of Hilly’s diagnosis.

Part 2

Hilly, Sam and Megan sharing a hug.

Carol, Dafydd and the housemates talk about Hilly’s happy school days when she met Sam, Lucy, Lewis and Megan. They also talk of their mounting concerns as they began to contemplate the guys’ future…

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Part 3

Sam, Hilly, Lewis and Hilly.
Part 3 of “Home at Last” continues as Carol & Dafydd talk about their struggle to set up “The Specials” home. The housemates, their parents and support workers look back on those exciting early days and share their own experiences of independent living.

Part 4

Megan, Sam, Hilly, and Lewis.
Part 4 of “Home at Last” will bring the story of Hilly & her friends up to date. The housemates have done a lot of growing up over the years and you will hear reflections from parents, siblings and support workers as well as the gang themselves. It’s been quite a journey so far…