Lewis, Hilly, Megan & Sam at Brighton Railway Station.

Ready for London.

Sam holding a sign for our Facebook page and Twitter handle.

We’ve arrived. Time to spread the word.

Lewis, Megan, Hilly & Sam behind our stand at LDT2017.

Can we interest you in a flyer?

The gang with Aaron who had just bought a signed DVD of Season 1.

Aaron works for NHS England and loves “The Specials”. He bought our Season 1 DVD and asked us to sign it! Check out his blog.

The gang with Ciara who works for Mencap.

We finally met Ciara from Mencap after years of chatter on Twitter. Ciara is Mencap’s Campaigns Support Officer.

Katy with Will, an actor, and his friend Sam.

Katy met Will, who is an actor and his friend Sam. They are supported by Halow. Lovely people.

Hilly’s pink, sparkly Doc Martens.

Whose tired yet stylish feet are these? Hilly G of course. Home time!


Hey Guys,

Looks like you had a great day in London. Love all of the pictures particularly the one with you all on the Stand. It all looks
very inviting and interesting. Hilly - just love your boots!