It’s Sam’s birthday!

Happy Birthday Sam, you gorgeous man!

Sam as a baby smiling in someone’s lap.

A charmer from the beginning.

Sam being hugged by his sister Aimee.

Sister Aimee demonstrating early Squeezable Sam.

Sam as a toddler in checked shorts.

Even cuter standing up!

Sam, his sister Aimee and younger brothers Jack and Ben.


Sam holding a guitar.
Sam and his brothers when they were boys.
Sam smiling as a teenager.

What’s tickled Sam?

Sam during our website banner shoot for Season 1.

An outtake from our website banner photo shoot.

Sam, the man we know today.

Sam, the man.


Always smiling, always handsome — Happy Birthday Sam! 🍾🙌🍸😎

Thank you 😀

Happy birthay Sam from Canada you are loved all over the world. I wish you all the best.

Guylaine ♡

thank you Guylaine x

Happy, happy birthday, Sam! Mine was yesterday! I should have come to visit & we could have shared a birthday cake!!!! Have a very lovely day!

thank you Sherri. Happy birthday for yesterday x

Happy Birthday Sam, are you and Megan going out tonight. Love Angie & Lawrence

Thank you. We are going out for dinner and cocktails with friends x

Happy Birthday Sam xx

Happy Birthday Sam!! Fabulous photos of the guy with the twinkly eyes! :-) Hope you have enjoyed your day and have a lovely evening! xxx

Happy Birthday, Sam! Hope it's a great one!

Happy Birthday Sam. Hope you are having a great time. Loved seeing the photos of you growing up, you've always been a smiler and good looking with it!

Big Hug to you
Eileen and Roger XX