What did you think of Season 2?

The guys have grown up a fair bit since Season 1 and for this series we filmed them over 1 year! What did you think about Season 2?

Loved it. Was great to see more from the guys and I loved seeing the new people in their lives and their lives growing. Great to see Dan turn up too. I thought he was terrific on Undateables.

So glad to hear you loved it! Dan is brilliant in Season 2. Check out the Season 2 outtakes where you can see him performing "Playboy Girls". Apparently this was No.1 on Spotify this year!

Have now worked my way through the xtra special zone. Thanks for all the extra footage. Dan is great on stage. Such a big presence. He should be a star x

Just binge watched Season 2 of your show. I absolutely loved it! It was quite the emotional roller coaster. Lots of laughs though. Really enjoyed seeing all of you again and living your life with all of you. You’ve all really grown since Season 1. I’m hoping that there will be a season 3. One day I’d love to meet all of you. Take care x.

Brittany x

Aww thank you, glad you enjoyed watching it

You’re welcome Lewis.

Thank you hope to meet you too one day

You’re welcome Sam :)

I glad that you enjoyed it, very happy

I’m glad that it made you happy:)

You're amazing thank you x

You’re welcome Hilly,you are amazing as well x

Really enjoyed the second season, it made me laugh and cry. It was so uplifting to watch a future that with the right help my daughter could have. You gave me back a little bit of hope.

That’s really nice

Thank you so much and hello to your daughter

I'm happy it gave you hope your daughter will have a happy life.

Thank you and love to your daughter x

I absolutely love watching you all, you are an inspiration! Roll on season 3 😁

Thanks Zephyr! That's so good to hear!!