I love The Specials!

To everyone involved with The Specials,

I am Sam Stubbs’ cousin and just want to say how much I have enjoyed all of your new videos! I especially love the ‘Sam meets Sam’ video. I know how special this day was to Sammy.

Sammy introduced me to The Specials nearly 5 years ago in Australia and I have been following your journey ever since!

Watching your happy videos makes me happy. Please continue to share your photos and videos! I am training to become a teacher and share your links with my peers and colleagues. Your happiness teaches us lots of important lessons.

Love Jess
(Watching in Cornwall, UK)

Thanks for such a lovely message, Jess! We love the film of Sam visiting the house. It was so great to get to know him and the rest of the Stubbas. Our Sam is flying back from the US today, but I am sure he'll be posting his own reply to you here v soon. (p.s. love the photos of Sam over the years) xx