What do you think of Episode 5?

And so the Specials' story continues! Tell us what you think...

Episode 5

We watch this programme every week at college. There is 8 of us in the class with Liz and Helen who work with us. We are all going to join the forum so we can ask questions. We are all enjoying the series, it gives us lots to talk about us and helps us to think about moving on.

I (Liz) met Lewis and Sam on Thursday when I came to visit Brighton College and Hayley.

We are all at Farnborough College of Technology.

Looking forward to the next episode (which we are disappointed we couldn't watch this morning!!!)

Liz and all the group.


I love this programme and would like to thank you for making it and to thank the stars for letting us into their lives. Please continue! I look forward to each episode. I know others have said this already but I can't understand why it wasn't accepted for TV. Hopefully it will be one day!

Absolutely brilliant...

Have just watched all 5 episodes and anything else I could find related to The Specials on the net. Sam, Hilly, Megan, Lucy and Lewis, you are all such stars!

Please, please continue to make more episodes. They are totally brilliant - I love the way everyone is so natural in front of the camera.

Cannot understand why the series has not been accepted for television. I hope you persist because I think so many people would enjoy and benefit from watching.

Thanks so much for the privilege of sharing the lives of such great young people.


Another great episode!! The fancy dress party looked lots of fun. Great dancing Megan and Sam!!!!

Looking forward to the next episode! Keep up the good work!!

Tracey and Savannah :) xxxxxx

It was great, but...

Megan, give Lewis another chance! :)

episode 5

Again great film making, you have managed to capture something really amazing here. I have learnt so much by watching the series, as well as crying with laughter at times ! I run a discussion group for lads every week and we used this series as a topic one week, it was a great conversion starter, with lots of different views, but one thing that did come across was that people wanted to feel more accepting of others with special needs but are not sure how to go about it, feeling awkward at times! But what this film making has done has brought loads of issues to light about how people live with special needs. It is brilliant absolutely brilliant !!! Thank you.

I also love the medium that you have used, a very clever and simple way of getting your films across.

we need more !!!!