The Specials is an online docu-soap series following the lives of a house of young adults with learning disabilities. Lucy, Sam, Megan & Hilly have Downs syndrome, Lewis has Williams syndrome. Now aged between 19-23 they have been friends since childhood & together share the ups & downs of each other's lives from first love to heartbreak, from leaving college to finding a job as well as the day-to-day stuff like arguing over the remote or storming the local karaoke night.

“This is our world and we want to share it with you!”

Introducing Audrey Emily!

The Specials with Audrey

We are making some films with Audrey and her parents Vicky & Ted. In the meantime, check out Vicky’s wonderful blog.

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Hilly's sister Poppy has made a film

The Specials speak French...

Webisode 1

Subtitled version

Lucy is worried her boyfriend Nick is not calling her, we all storm the local karaoke night and Sam falls in love at first sight.

The Specials do Comic Con.

Season 1 — Trailer

Here's a trailer for Season 1 of 'The Specials' — be careful there are some spoilers!

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

The Specials broadcast on US television!

Seasons Greetings from The Specials!

The Specials vs The Zombies…

Season 1 is Finally Available on DVD!

The Specials on DVD

We are happy to announce that Season 1 of 'The Specials' is finally available on DVD!

The DVD has over 2 hours of footage:

  • All 10 episodes in high quality video, much better than the compressed versions on the internet!
  • All 5 housemates profile films.
  • Subtitling which can be switched on and off.

Buy it now!

Meet the housemates

Check out the profile films on each housemate's page.