Episode 3 is out!

Fresh out today — episode 3! Let us know what you think…


Another fantastic episode! Well done to everyone for such a brilliant series. I can't wait to watch every week. You are all so lovely.

Episode 3

Hi guys,

I have just seen number 3 today (24th( and almost fell off my chair laughing at Sam's reaction to the Lady Boys - hope he won't be too disappointed at the truth. And Lewis, gosh you really do need to start chatting your lady-friend up at bit!

I have to tell you, you are getting quite a fan-club here in South Africa - I've been spreading the word and at least ten of my friends watch you regularly, and love you all. It's such a great pleasure to be part of your lives like this!

Jenny from South Africa

episode 4?

Where is episode 4!!!??? i have been waiting all day, please post soon !


Episode 4

It's uploading right now! You should be able to see it in under an hour!

Best wishes,



My name is Erin and I am from Chicago, Illinois in the United States! I jut watched all of you shows and have fallen in love! You all are an inspiration. I can't wait to see more!!! Keep up the great work!!

you are an inspiration

Hi to you all,

I have a son; Milo who is only two, he has Down syndrome too. I have watched all three of your episodes and would just like to say - well done and thank you. You have inspired me to believe that my son Milo can go on to lead an independant life, just like you do, and I hope that he can be as happy as you all are. Keep up the good work.

(PS I hope Sam is lucky in love soon and I agree wiith Lucy, I think Sam and Hilly are secretly in love!)


Hi to you all
Just wanted to say the Premiere was great what stars. Very glam girls and Sam and Lewisin extremely sharp suits looking handsome. Megan has always been the darling of our family
and certainly has more courage than me (Auntie Sally) to be filmed like that. It was a joy to be in the cinema watching and here the crowd roar with laughter and ah at the sad bits.Gareth said it was the funniest thing he had seen in years.
Just shown Geoff episode 3 he was so impressed will have to see the Lady Boys next year.
Episode 2 did make me quite emotional to see Laurie and Angie leaving Megs for the first time. Megan Grandad was tearful in the cinema. We are all very proud and glad to see you amongst such caring and thoughtful people.
Very well done Katy and Dan hope it makes the TV a wonderful insight and even a learning tool.
Looking forward to episode 4
Sally and Geoff


This is the best series I have seen in such a long time!

The film work is beautiful and well shot.

The young people in this show are so charasmatic, honest, and enthusiastic for life. They are inspiring and watching The Specials is the highlight of my week every week!

I have told everyone I know about the show and we are all hooked, thank you all for allowing us the insight in to your lives, both the ups and downs.

I shall look forward to the next installment, with geat anticipation.

My name is Aria and I am from

My name is Aria and I am from U.A.E, Jumeirah in the Dubai! I jut watched all of you shows and have fallen in love! You all are an inspiration. I can't wait to see more!!! Keep up the great work!!

Have done it again

Guys you have done it again, I now wait for each Friday to see what the gang is up to. This is such a great show and as my daughter 9 months has DS it is great to see that there is some people out there living there lives, with all the normall and some noy so normal problems and joys.

Please keep up the great work.

There is a large and ever growing fan base here in Australia, please let us all know when you will be putting out a DVD as I would love to grab one

Waiting till next Friday


Love your show!

LOVE your show!! I wish it were on TV so everyone could see it! It is such a pleasure having a peek into your lives. My 6 year old daughter has Down Syndrome and I hope that she has as wonderful housemates as you one day. Sam, I've seen those Girly Boys and they are beautiful... boys, but still beautiful! Can't wait for the next episode :)


Just watched episode 3 again! it is still so funny everytime i watch it!!!

Sam - the Ladyboys are very convincing! i've seen them too.

Lewis and Megan - sometimes silent dates are the best!!!!

Looking forward to next week with hilly buying a dress. You guys are so watchable!!!! Brilliant. Happy birthday lewis!

Love to all

Josie (Megans sister) xxxxxxxxxxxx


I think anyone would be just as confused Sam! They certainly look convincing!

Fantastic show.... and I'm jealous you're all living in Brighton!




Just watched all 3 episodes back to back - I'm hooked!

I hope this gets to TV - everyone needs to see the achievements you guys have made and what fantastic independent lives you live.

Wishing you all continued success


This is just fantastic! another wonderful look into your lives! I think Sam is going to need ALOT of convincing about the Ladyboys! Sam and Hilly, what great dancing! You go guys!!! Lewis you are so wonderful, and still so shy! Hope you enjoyed your date. I would love to meet you all and get your autographs! Looking forward to the next episode! Keep them coming.


Tracey and Savannah