Episode 2 is out!

Episode 2 is out! We hope you like it. Let us know what you think.




This is just fantastic! another wonderful look into your lives! I think Sam is going to need ALOT of convincing about the Ladyboys! Sam and Hilly, what great dancing! You go guys!!! Lewis you are so wonderful, and still so shy! Hope you enjoyed your date. I would love to meet you all and get your autographs! Looking forward to the next episode! Keep them coming.


Tracey and Savannah


I LOVE your show! Thank you so much to all the housemates for sharing your lives, and I am really looking forward to the next episode. Esther


This episodes bring so much joy to my day...

What a wonderful thing you have going, keep it up!

Brilliant :)

I just want to say that i think this is absolutely brilliant :)

Not alot of things make me smile contantly for ten minutes!
This should definately take over BB!
I have sent the link to so many people who i know would love it!
Well done all of you, you're doing a great job and I can't wait for more on friday!!

Phoebe x


A brilliant second episode! Lucy you are so lovely! I also felt tearful when Megan's parents left but what a great house to move into. Can't wait for next week.


Hi guys, just want to congratulate you all on a really fantastic website! You seem like such an exciting group of young people, with beautiful personalities. The videos are so entertaining to watch, and Sam is such a funny guy....and very cheeky!

I wish you all huge success with this site, I have passed the details on to so many people. I hope they all get as much delight from reading and viewing as I have.

Well done everyone!

It just gets better!

The second episode was fantastic! Got a bit tearful when Megan said goodbye to Angie and Laurie and just showed how loved she is! Really enjoyed seeing her move in and how happy all her friends were to have her there! Sam's dancing is brilliant he reallly has some moves going there-and Hilly-she's very good at dancing aswell! I think like a lot of people are thinking Sam won't find it hard to find love! Lewis makes me laugh so much and can't wait to see next weeks episode when Lewis and Megan go out on a date! And the lady boys of bkk! Can't wait to see that and how Lucy has to tell Sam that they are ladyBOYS!!!!
Looking forward to Sunday's premiere! Can't wait to see you all!!
Helen Dennis x x x

the specials

I think this is a fascinating experiment. am I right to assume that it's all been filmed previously and we're seeing recent history?
and is there any kind of follow up planned?
and how about getting Heavy Load to do the soundtrack?



Loving it!

Loving it! I know we’re biased but it’s getting better, funnier (Sam), more real and emotional by the episode! Lewis – better watch Sam with Megan (she’s drop dead gorgeous you lucky devil!!) ‘cos you know what a smooth operator he is!! Still, you do have Lucy there to keep him in order as always and Hilly, you can always keep a tight reign on him when you’re dancing, so you can keep him in check too!!

Keep up the great work Katy and Dan – you’re ALL absolutely legend!!!

Sam – I read on this Forum that someone thinks you’re ‘lush’, so you’re getting fan-mail already ay?!! Hope you’ll still bless us with your presence when you’re rich and famous……don’t forget your roots as they say!!!!

P.S. can we have your autographs on Sunday at the Premiere……!!?


OK, I'm 'hooked' and can't wait to find out what happens next. Well done everyone, I've enjoyed both episodes.

I could watch you guys all day!

Wow- Thank you for filming and creating this website! I love watching and cannot wait for more! Keep it up!


Another fantastic episode into your lives! Megan you are so beautiful! Lewis is really lucky yo have you as a girlfriend! Sam, your dancing is fantastic!! Lucy, a great welcoming speech for Megan.

Looking forward to the next episode! Well done to you all for showing people how brilliant it is to be YOU!

Tracey and Savannah :) :) xxxxxxx


I am really going to struggle for something different to say each week.... as this week is as good as last.

I am fortunate to know so many people young and old who happen to have a disability of some kind or another and it is really good to see young people truly enjoyong a life like any other.

good luck to you all


PS I dont think Sam will struggle looking for love for very much longer! in fact if the series is just a ploy to get Sam a date I think it might just work ... he is lush!

episode 2

this just keeps getting better and better !!! i am so addicted and Sam you make me laff so much, your dancing its awesome !!! you legend !!!! Great film making this needs to be seen by tons of people !! well done all involved

fantastic !!