What do you think?

The website is now live, the first episode and some of the housemates films are up. We've got loads more to do. But what do you think so far? Please let us know!


I'm so glad i stumbled across this website, the episodes are amusing and enlightening. I'm so glad that you have done this, it just makes me happy to see you all so happy and independent, when society might have it otherwise. i have shared it on facebook, so all my friends can learn from it too!


I am in love with this show. All the house mates are very unique and really cool. The only problem is that the episodes of this show are too short. I think every body wants to see more. Thanks


I would say its

I would say its cool.
petersam014 6565


Well what more can I say. Your website is inspiring, brilliant and such fun to watch. Our little boy (Pacey)is 2 1/2 and is the most precious little monster to walk this earth! Scary...watching Sam is like watching Pacey in 20 yrs time...We can't wait!

Thank you for putting something like this docusoap out there for everyone to view, we think if gives everyone such an amazing view of what living with a person with Downsyndrome is like and unlike all the old fashioned books you get told to look through!

We have fallen in love with Lucy, Sam, Hily, Lewis and Megan they are truly fun and BEAUTIFULL to watch!

Please keep up the good work.


Cherie and Paul

Love it

Hi all,

I found out about The Specials whilst I was living in London earlier this year. I'm now back in Australia and have been telling everyone I know about the show. I'm a Speech and Language Therapist who has worked with young people with learning disabilities, and I have a sibling with a learning disability too. I love the realness of the show and hope that it continues for many more episodes! Well done to everyone involved and keep up the great work!

Angela :)

it just keeps getting better

it just keeps getting better and better! =) you are one funny bunch of peoples!

This website is awesome!

I am a support worker for people with intellectual disabilities. My favourite clients are a recently married couple, who are the most lovely people ever! they both have downs syndrome, and have completely changed my perceptions.
I'm so glad i stumbled across this website, the episodes are amusing and enlightening. I'm so glad that you have done this, it just makes me happy to see you all so happy and independent, when society might have it otherwise. i have shared it on facebook, so all my friends can learn from it too!
Keep making them, i love to learn about your livers, its better than hollywood!

Inspiring viewing!

We've just watched episodes 1-4, (practically back-to-back) and are hooked! Can't wait to see more - what a fantastic house! It should so be on TV. I'm sure the program will be an inspiration to many young people with learning difficulties.

From the support brokers at Support Horizons (Wokingham)

About the whole series so far.

we have 4 boys in our house: Louis 6, Alfie 4, Gabriel 3 and Jakob 2. Jakob also has Downs.
We have been watching a couple of episodes each night since we found it on Sunday and the boys have been thoroughly engrossed. Not just because it has positive images of young people with Down's , but because they find it incredibly funny and like all the lovely characters.
We can't wait for the DVD!
As a parent it's really heartwarming to realise that life for Jakob can, and will, be a positive experience. Thanks for sharing your lives with us, The Maflehi's.
Keep it going x

Absolutely fantastic

Hi all,

I have been glued to your show, think all the "housemates" are fab.
I have a 3 year old daughter called Ellie, she has DS and an AVSD thats due to be operated on very very soon. Got a long way to go before my daughter starts thinking about parties and boyfriends.

Looking forward to the series coming out on dvd. Its a real pleasure to watch. Thoroughly enjoying every second of it, and hope the series can run and run.

Hugs n kisses for all the "housemates", families, friends, support workers and anyone else that helped in making this series possible.

Julie and Ellie xx


hi im sam's cousin, and i hope that everyone else is enjoying this as much as me!

sam mate, im loving the show, mum keeps going on about it, and she always tells us when the next episode is on.
well done sammy.
your so funny in it, and im loving the singing and the dance moves. :)

mum is arranging for you to come down soon, so maybe we can watch some episodes when your here?
i think we are definitely going to buy the dvd when it comes out!

see you soon mate.

joe :)

hi joe thanks for

hi joe thanks for watching us! how's your girl friend? It would be good to see you soon... do you want to come and see me at my new home love sam

brilliant job guys..

one of my freinds sent me the link to watch your series and i think it is absolutly brilliant.... Hilly i think you are a really good dancer and Sam i think you are just so cheeky and adorable and boy can you dance ;-) .... keep up the good work guys and girls and i cant wait to see the next episode ... donna x

Good Show

The show was recommended by David Sedaris during his performance in Princeton, NJ USA last night. I found the show quite enjoyable. Not sure if its broadcast on the BBC or just on the internet. The house looks like a fun place to live! I would like to hear more about Lucy's job and the types of classes the other housemates study.

Good Show

Great to hear you are enjoying the show. Also very nice of David Sedaris to be spreading the word!

The show is only available on the internet. The series is based on a TV pilot we made but when the commission fell through we decided to do it anyway. So far the net has been a fantastic home for it! People are watching it all over the world and we are getting some great feedback. Funny you ask about Lucy's job and the classes the others attend as you will see more of this in Episode 5 - which is out tomorrow!

So far...You are great!!!

Just wanted to say I love tuning into your show every week-I just wish that the guys I work with could see the great times you have-can't wait till you bring out a DVD- I will definatley be in the queue!! Keep up the great work guys!


I might be slightly bias as Megan is my cousin but......

I think the-specials is the most entertaining, imformative and fun reality program I have ever seen. I can't wait for the next episode. I'm telling everyone to watch it. I would love to do all I can to promote it. I feel inspired to do something like this, so many people are missing out and I think this highlights a huge gap in the support network.

I love Megs and I so proud of her. Sam is so funny are character, Lewis is an interesting chap can't wait to see more of him.....Lewis make sure you look after Megs. Hilly so beautiful and loving. Lucy has a wonderful caring personality and such a good friend to all the housemates.

I have laugh, I've cried, All I can say is..........when can I move in???????

Good luck with the sucess of The-Specials.

Come on eveyone get behind the specials, give them some support.

Love you loads Megan (our beautiful bridesmaid) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hilary, Mike, Ellie Amy and Charlotte xxxx

Love it!

What a brilliant show! You're all absolute stars in front of the camera and I am really looking forward to the next instalment.
I have an 8 year old daughter with Down's syndrome, I hope one day she will have housemates as fun and cool as you! :-D

Grats on a great web tv series.

Top marks for a great set of videos. I look forward each week to seeing what everyone is getting up to.
Well Done.
from Wayne (in Australia)

Outstanding!!!!!! Can't wait for more

I am loving your program. All the housemates are unique and I am going to enjoy getting to know them all. What a treat. Can't wait to share the show with others.

I have a 9 year old son with Down syndrome and so I am especially enjoying Sam! He is quite the live wire. I really love the dancing...have you guys taken lots of lessons? I can see this whole group being speakers and mentors in later years to kids and their parents facing similar new experiences.

What a wonderful concept.....please know you are making such a difference in people's attitudes.


Patricia Fernald
South Carolina, USA

My Memories

Hi Guys
I am Lisa and I used to work at Courtmeadow School with you all. I was known as Lisa P.
I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you all, to see you doing your own show, it is amazing. I knew you were going to be stars when I had you in my class for all those years. Makes me so pleased I did my job for so many years.
Well done, I will keep watching as I know so many other people from Courtmeadow are.
x x x

I feel old

I didn't realise when I knew you all at Nursery School that you would be stars...well perhaps I thought Sam and Hilly would be!
Anyway I think this series is absolutely amazing and I just can't wait for the next episode
shelagh x

I Love Your Show

I can't wait for the next episode.
Well done team!


I absolutely love this programme. It is the best reality TV I have ever seen. Keep up the good work guys.
My only problem is that the episodes are too short. I want to see more!

Looking forward to episode 4.



This is great stuff - keep up the good work!


yes I was disapointed.... that the next episode won't be on til tomorrow!

Sarah x

About time.....

Hi guys I thought it was about time that I posted on here!

I'd like to say congrats to Katy & Dan for starting this, its such a great project & I hope that everyone who watches it is as enthusiastic about it as I am!! Keep up the good work guys!

When my mum first told me about the filming of the guys, I knew it was going to a be a great hit!!! This is totally unique, but more importantly it ll hopefully open the publics' eyes to really about people with special needs really are & I think from the positive responses from the premiere, that it has already done it!

Again keep up good work guys & the guys in the house I love you & keep on showing the world how special you are!


Our family loves your show and we can't wait to see the next one! By far the best thing on tv or the internet! You guys are stars! Lee Dunmore PA USA

Love It!

Wow, "The Specials" are amazing and I am so excited to have discovered this all the way over in Toronto, Canada! I will look forward to future episodes. Well done to all involved!


Love it! I hope "The Specials" will be around for a long time. I will look forward to each episode. Well done to everyone involved!


This is utterly fantastic. At Mencap Liverpool we can't get enough of this, we've posted it on our website: http://www.mencapliverpool.org.uk/2009/09/14/the-specials-a-drama-about-...

Only complaint is that your Vimeo videos aren't able to be embedded anywhere, as we'd happily carry them on our website.

Keep it up!


Well done!!!!!

Hello all

Just wanted to say that we really enjoyed the premiere today and felt fortunate to be there to watch you all enjoy the fame you greatly deserve. Episode 3 was fantastic so funny! can't wait to watch it again (and again, and again, and again!!!!!)

Girls you looked absolutely gorgeous and those men you live with very handsome.

Thank you for the drink!!!

Really proud and happy :)

xxxxxxxxxxxx Josie and Ben xxxxxxxxx

YOU guys ROCK !

I love you website and series, can't wait to see Episode 3! As a mum of a awesome 10 year old with Down Syndrome....you guys inspire us to support our son to have a great set up like this when he is ready to leave home. I just hope he finds such great mates to live and hang out with.
Sending all my friends to your website..........Keep on shining you STARS.
Sam you crack me up..........my Jack and YOU are so alike its NOT funny...the life of every party with a Heart of GOLD , what a treasure you are, Lewis you New Age Guy you, ya make me smile. Megan, your beautiful inside and out. Hilly ya a beautiful amazing gem and Lucy your a beautiful wise darling friend.
The 5 of you just ooze life and that is awesome.
Hugs Nicki

Thanks guys

Fantastic, this has to be the best show ever. You guys give hope to all ppl with DS and show that everything is possible. Thanks


Our family is in love with this whole concept! We have four kids: Jack, 16, Mary Kate, 14, Patrick (10) with Down Syndrome and Caroline (3). We hope for Patrick a living situation that is this vibrant, age appropriate and FUN!!! We all need a time to hang out with our housemates. :) It is GREAT to see the five of you living the lives you were meant to live. Congratulations on a job well done and a superb website! YOU ROCK!!!

The Specials are Special

Wow!! watched the 1st edition & thought it was great.
Made a note to watch 2nd edition & have just done that, it was even better than the 1st edition.

Have added date of next edition on my mobile so I dont forget.

Well done house mates & the film team you are all doing a great job.

I am involved in filming events in my community so know whats involved, keep up the good work.

Will be telling others about your web site.

Take care.


What a great concept

It's about time someone made a reality show worth watching! This is much better than some of the other drivel out there. I think there needs to be a big push for the TV stations to pick this up. I know of heaps of people here in Australia who would watch it.
Pity my internet connection is so slow. It is taking forever to download:(

I really look forward to getting to know you all. My mother works as a support worker for adults with Down Syndrome in New Zealand, so I will send her to this link.

And I have a daughter with Down Syndrome who is about to turn 1, so I know I am going to get a lot out of this too.

Thanks heaps for letting us into your lives......

Carolyn in Brisbane, Australia

episode 2

Hey guys,
I woke up this morning thinking - yay, it's Thursday, new episode of The Specials - and you didn't disappoint! I find myself wanting to give you all a big hug all the time, you ARE special.
And the profiles are great - good to get to know individuals a bit more.

You make my Thursday bright!!

Jenny (from South Africa)


Excellent work! Thank you for sharing your lives with us - can't wait to see what happens next!! Excited for the future of my own little girl with Down syndrome; I hope she grows up to be as bright and witty and confident and good looking as all of you!

Loved it!!!

The second episode was fantastic too. Brought back some proud and emotional moments for me (my sister moving out!) So so so proud of you Megan. Lewis you crack me up. See you all Sunday.

Just wanted to say to Katy and team that it comes across so naturally and you can tell it isn't scripted! fantastic !x!x!x

I like carols comment to Sam too!:)
Josie x

Fantastic! This is a

Fantastic! This is a brilliant set up and would love to see my daughter being able to experience this kind of independent living when she is older.
The house looks full of fun and it's great to see the housemates enjoying life to the full.
Looking forward to the next episode.

Move over Big Brother - there's a new show on the block!

We are going to share this excellent series with all our friends, colleagues and family.
Can't wait for tomorrow's episode - you guys rock!
Susannah and Harriet Davidson

Amazing .... Just Amazing..

You are amazing ! I loved the show and can't wait for the next episode. You put Big Brother to shame as you are REAL PEOPLE inthe REAL WORLD.
Whoever decided to pull the plug on your TV deal should be sacked... This programme should be available to everyone.
My son is very disabled and I have spent 19 years caring for him... You guy's and Your lovely "Brighton Pad" make it all worth while !
Fantastic just Fantastic x x

****** W E L L D O N E ********


A totally amazing show! I have a young daughter born with Down Syndrome and I can really see her being happy and fulfilled in her life as you guys are! I cant wait to watch the next episode!! You brought tears to my eyes with joy for being you!! Megan..... I really think you need to watch out for Sam... he is a right ladies man!!! xxxxxxxx Well done on the programme!

Best wishes to all

Tracey and Savannah :) :)

Part One

Yep love it.

Can i be dad ?

Episode 1

Guys, you are stars of the first water! I picked up the link because I am interested in Down's Syndrome, and was both fascinated and impressed by your resourcefulness, your love of life and your downright cheekiness. What a pleasure to get to know you just a little - and I can't wait for Thursday and the next episode!

Congrats - don't stop living life to the full.

Jenny (from South Africa)

So briliant

This is excellent.
Sam is a wonderful character and so so hillarious!! All of the characters are so brilliant and they make a great team of people, so wonderful and interesting to watch.
We really think you have done a fantastic job making this, the quality of the filming and the website is superb, especially since we've been told no one is getting paid for this! Seriously well done.
Megan we love you and are so proud of you and your friends. What a beautiful woman you are becoming and so brave for being on camera!! :)
We are very excited to see more films and see what fun things you all get up to.
You all bring joy and smiles to a world which seriously needs it.
We hope this all goes further than you ever hoped of or dreamed and you have our full support, we are right behind you!
Oh and Megan - watch out for that Sam :) :) :)
Love Laura and Steve Thompson x
ps - You all make this world a happier place x

what a fab show

i can honestly say you have opened my mind and made me more aware so thank you i can not wait for the next show you have made me make my mind up and i have disided i would like to work with aldults with learning diffucaultys

brillent show :)

Hello! I saw about the show

I saw about the show on the news and thought I would come and have a look. Great show!
I don't think there is enough awareness out there of what life is like with special needs. It's good that you can enjoy life and be independant still :)

Looking forward to the next episode.

What a fantastic show!

I have to congratualte you all on a fantastic show I saw it advertised on the news a nd had to come and have a look. I think it is wonderful that this oppourtunity has arose to see yoiung adults with special needs enjoying the things that most of us take for granted. You all loook like a great group of people and amazing fun to spend time with. I wish you ever luck in the future in the forthcoming shows, - I can't wait for the next installement. xx