Episode 9 - one more to go!

So Episode 9 is out, hope you all enjoy it. Tell us what you think. Only one more to go now - Episode 10 will be the last in series 1! Katy x

Last in series 1 !

This series has been brilliant, I hope we don't have to wait too long to catch up with you all.
Sam what will be will be!

Episode 9

Hi Sam

I feel so sorry for you all. I hope eventually you can sort it out between you and megan, Eventually, if you still like each other Louis should come to terms with it. After all if you were living without carers things would proberbly be different. Just be patient. love you loads and see you soon. Mum xxxx

End of Series 1

When is Series 2 starting. What are we going to do without this delightful programme to cheer us up?

Sam's love life

It's so difficult when you really like someone and it is going to upset someone else. Well done for being so caring about Lewis' feelings. I can understand why you find Megan so attractive, she is such a lovely girl.