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So far the Specials has been a great success — well at least you all seem to love it! — but right now we are only reaching about 4,000 people every week. We think we should be able to do better than this! On the website there is a page with tips on how to spread the word but we are also looking for suggestions — is there anything you think we should try? Let the brainstorming or deafening silence begin!

Hey guys!!!

You've received almost 1,000 pageviews on your youtube page in the past 2 days since I launched my promotion :D Go and check out your Season 1 Episode 1 stats.

Have a good day!
Justin Lewis

Hello my name is Justin Lewis

Hi Specials!

I recently sent you guys an email about this, however I am going to post here in a few places just so the word is out. I am planning on promoting your videos viral all over the internet. You have a wonderful series and I have been watching you guys for some time now.

Honestly, I am not going to be doing this for anyone else. Just you guys. I believe that your story should be told around the world. This gives an insight into your own world that is definitely something that should be shared.

A little story about myself, seeing as this is more than likely going to launch you guys further than you could possibly imagine. I am an internet marketer and own over 45+ websites of my own. I have only been at it for the past 8 months, however have learned more about the internet than I ever thought I would.

I really want to change the world by giving back. It has always been my dream. That is why I have chosen you guys specifically for this :D

Knowing that I am helping someone with a good storyline + a good cause is one of the greatest things I could do.

Anyways as you can tell I am not the best writer lol but I definitely see potential in the specials and hope to speak to you soon! (make sure you read my email that states "Hey Guys :)".

Talk to you soon!
Justin Lewis

P.S. Watch your statistics on Episode 1 on youtube.

Episode 1

Hey guys, just wanted to show you whats going on right now with Episode 1 on youtube!

Your Video:

As of right now you guys have 647 views. (8/1/2010) I have just launched a pretty big promotion that is currently pending :) I can't wait to see the smiles on your faces by tomorrow!!!!

Justin Lewis

We can do better!

I am amazed you are reaching only 4,000..I believe that the series should be on mainstream tv. The specials link is now on the cheshire downs syndrome website --
What happens after the last episode?

Thank you!

Hi Amanda

Thank you very much for putting the link on your website. People have been getting more active in spreading the word recently and the site is definitely getting busier.

As for what happens after the last episode. Well in the short term there will be updates on the site where you will be able to see clips of what the guys have been getting up to. For example - last week I filmed them when they went to Mencap's Little Noise Sessions. The guys interviewed Jo Whiley and got to meet Alexandra from the X-Factor.

We also hope to do a second series of the Specials - but this isn't a funded project (just me and Dan and our ever-dwindling savings) so we need to save up a few pennies and maybe sell a few DVDs of series 1 before we can afford to go again!

All the best


About You?

Hi Katy

I came to your site via the Many Worlds Network. Saw the clip, thought it was excellent. Been reading your forum and getting lots of info. I will blog about it soon. But can I make a suggestion? Why not put an "About Us" section on the website. It would be great to be able to read the background, concept, objectives, all in one place. As it is, I will make a blog post based on what I have pieced together. I hope I got it right.

From what I understand it goes something like this: The family of one of the kids is financing the house where everyone is living. You and your boyfriend wanted to make a reality show for TV. You made a pilot but the series was not picked up. However, you got so involved in it, you decided to continue the show on your own.

Did I get it more or less correct? Is that posted somewhere?

How are you financing the program?

I think the concept is great and will do what I can to spread the word. If you like, I will come back and post a link to the blog post when it is live.