Episode 8

Episode 8 is out. The subtitled version should be up tomorrow.

Best yet

This is the best episode yet. Youa re such good friends to each other. the support you are giving to Lucy is fantastic.


Episode 8

Lucy, must be hard for you, I've been through what your Mum is going through and I know it will get better, things always happen for a reason.

Sam you must have stunk with all that body spray, easy tiger. See you tuesday for your birthday surprise!!! xxxxx

Can't wait for the next episode!!

Subtitled version

The subtitled version of episode 8 is out now:


No Subject

I love this!! As everyone has said - Sam did really need that much body spray? lol. Lucy, your coping with this really well, hold your head high! Lurved the dancing and the reincarnation of 'Earth Song' lmao xxx


Lucy, keep your chin up babe. Your going through a bit of a tough time at the moment, but your friends are right behind you. I really felt for you when you were crying. Well done for not eating the biscuits!! you can do it!! Hilly you looked gorgeous!! Lewis fantastic drum beating!! Sam, did you really need all that body spray?? lol

Take care of yourselves. Roll on episode 9!

Lots of Love

Tracey and Savannah xx :)

Episode 8

All I wanted to do through this episode is give Lucy a great big hug! well done Lucy for not eating the biscuits, Sam did you spray the whole can of body spray onto your shirt lol xx