Episode 7

Episode 7 is out now.

Are there any other surfers or olympians out there?

Surfers? YES!


My son, Max is nearly 5 and has taken surf lessons! His picture was featured in New York's Time Square during the Buddy Walk last month and it was a picture of him with his instructor surfing in Maui. My husband used to surf a lot and he and Max have plans to get back out there once the weather is a bit warmer. I have surfed, but would rather take pictures of my surfers!


Marti, Max & Larry

Great episode,

Great episode, Congratulations to Megan-excellent riding!!! Your horse is beautiful well done to her too! Surfing looked great too, I used to live in Newquay, Cornwall and North Devon and go surfing a lot, hope you enjoyed it!

Another Great Episode

Another great episode! Well done Megan!!!!! Sam and Lewis you both looked really cool on your surf boards!!!

Roll on episode 8!!!

Tracey and Savannah xxx :) :)

episode 7

I'm hooked! it's brilliant. I've been waiting for episode 7 for over a week. I've told loads of people about you all and they are watching too.
Well done Megan and well done Sam and Lewis you did brilliant.
looking forward to next episode.