Episode 4

Episode 4 is out now. The subtitled version will follow tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes,


Really Good

Really liked it but felt sorry for Hilly and for some reason I couldn't help feeling sad when Sam got interuppted while dancing with Hilly.
You all deserve amazing people because every one of you are really brilliant!!:) xxx


I am really really enjoying watching the specials and get so excited when the next episode comes out!

Coming from a background of not knowing anyone (except wonderful Megan) with learning difficulties, it is hard to truly understand what they are like in their everyday lives and how they handle things.
Sometimes when i see someone walk past me whilst shopping or something like that, i want to go up to them and ask how they truly feel about life but i wouldn't because (1) i wouldn't know how they would respond and (2) i wouldn't know how to relate to them.

However, after watching the specials i am being opened up to a world i have been so interested in but not really been sure how to find out about in my everyday life.

It makes me feel alot more comfortable talking to others with learning difficulties (of course i wouldn't randomly go up to someone on the street whether they had learning difficulties or not! :) )
But if i saw them in the pub or out and about, i would smile (inside and out :) ) and talk to them if the opportunity came up and just know that they feel things exactly the same as we do and that they are wonderful people. I would also be alot more braver to help them if they needed it in an emergency or anything like that. I would have alot more confidence with that.
I am sure there are alot of other people like me who are just a bit ignorant to others like the specials guys just because they haven't been around many people or anyone with learning difficulties in their life and this is a fantastic way to just show the world how brilliant they are!

I usually want to laugh, cry, help, be happy and sad when i watch each episode and that's what makes you want to watch the next one!

The filming is still brilliant and its great when you write the words up on the screen when its not clear what they are saying. That's very helpful.

I love them all, they are such great characters and each one has a wonderful personality.

I would love to see this on the television because it would help the world see what wonderful people they are and just make the world a better place to be in. This is a thousand times more better than the rubbish you get on tv these days!!!

Anyway - my essay is over ;)

Can't wait for the next one!

Sorry if i have rambled a bit and hope i make sense!!

Love Laura Thompson xxx

PS - Megan i love you loads, you are doing so so well, i am so very proud of you x You truly are "shining" ;)

Girlfriends and boyfriends

Be patient Sam, you're so gorgeous you will find the right girl. You remind me so much of my son Daniel who also has Down syndrome. He too was desperate for a girlfriend for ages, and then he realised the right girl was there all the time. They have now been together for over a year and engagement and weddings have been mentioned....

Heartbreak xx

Hi all.

Loved episode 4 thought it was fab!!! very real.

Megan you sounded great narrating!!!!

Megan and Sam you guys are funny sorting your washing.

Hilly you looked so beautiful in that dress and i really wanted to give you a hug when Robert dumped you luckily your friends were there ready to hug. Hey theres plenty more fish in the sea!!!!

Really looking forward to next week.

Lots of love Josie xxxxxx

This series is just so great

Love you guys and girls soooo much!!!!! I deffo want this series on DVD !!!!!!! Keep it up !!! I would love my Sam who is almost 10 and who has Downs Syndrome to have as good a life as you lot have !! Katie ( ireland )


Hilly I really felt for you! Your a beautiful young lady and will have no problem getting a boyfriend xxxxx Your friends are so very supportive. xxxxx

Absoultly loving the show!!!!!!!!


Tracey and Savannah


Loved it! Really felt for

Loved it! Really felt for Hilly, hope she finds the man of her dreams! My 3 year old daughter Leah watched it with me and said Hilly was a beautiful princess in her dress! and was very concerned for Hilly when she was upset! Leah loves seeing Megan and her friends on the screen and is starting to understand that Megan doesn't live at Angies now and that Megan is grown up and lives with her friends!
It great to see how close you all are and how supportive you are of each other! Can't wait for next weeks episode!
Helen Dennis (Megan's cousin)
x x x