we want to know about you!

do you have a learning disability? what is it like where you live?

Hi Lucy, Hilly, Sam, Megan, and Lewis....

Hi Lucy, Hilly, Sam, Megan, and Lewis....love the show! I have a question... have any of you ever had any situations where people have discriminated you based on your disability?
I have had these problems based on my race, my cleft lip and my own disabilities and was wondering how you all handled these types of situations...because let's face it, some people can be mean.

Hello Lucy

Hello Lucy.
My son Garth is 5 and a half and has Down Syndrome. We live in Portsmouth with Garth's twin brother, Jared, and their Daddy. I found your site after seeing you today on South Today. It looked like you and your friends were having a wonderful time in New York. Well done on winning a Webby Award.

Greetings from

Greetings from Venezuela,
Over the last 2 days I have watched all 10 of your episodes. I love them. Great show.



Sam made me laugh out loud so many times! When's he coming out with his own show??

Love It!

Hello! My name's Kevin and I'm a videographer living in LA. Going to film a benefit for the Down Syndrome Association of LA in a couple days actually, and I just so happened to run across this video on Vimeo and I love it! My sister has Down Syndrome and I think what Carol and Dafydd have done is so amazing! Thank you for making this!!!


Just a quick message to say very very well done on winning the Webby awards. I voted for you!!

My brother is 19 and has Down's syndrome and I absolutely love watching The Specials, it's a really inspiring and entertaining series. Hopefully my brother, Ollie, will be able to live in a house as fun as yours one day :)

Have fun in New York!!



thank you for your vote. We are looking forward to New York.
Our house is great hopefully Ollie will get that chance.
love lewis

Howdy Lucy

My name is Shannon and I live in Arlington, Texas (it's where people come on holiday because we have Six Flags, a water park, the Dallas Cowboys and best of all, the Texas Rangers baseball team.) It's very hot here! It's only May and already almost 34 degrees Celsius!

I don't have a learning disability, but I'm an athletic trainer for a 33 year old with CP. He is one of my very best friends, and we exercise together almost everyday. Like Sam, he's a ladies man and would probably love to go sing Karaoke with y'all.

I think you have a loving and nurturing personality! You and your housemates seem like a lot of fun.

xoxo, Shannon

PS to Sam: If you like fajitas you'll like Texas! Do you prefer chicken or beef?

Hi Shannon

Hi i prefer chicken in my fajitas in my f ye ha!!! i would love to see the cowboys in Texas.
love sam

Dallas Cowboys and Fajitas

Hey Sam,
Chicken fajitas are my favorite too, and sopapillas for dessert, yum!

I live only a few miles from the Cowboys Stadium and drive by it every day. It's huge! The Texas Rangers play just down the street, and have a fireworks display every Friday night they play a home game.

Which sport do you prefer, real football or American football?


I live in Wisconsin, in the United States. I live in a small town, and I have two children who are ages 28 and 19. My daughter Brianne is the older one, she lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana. My son is the younger one, his name is Drew, and he goes to college and runs on the track team. I'm an artist, and I live alone with my cat most of the time. My cat's name is Pearl, and she is black and white, and very sweet. My son comes home from college in the summers and lives with me then. None of us has a disability, but I have a younger sister who has Downs Syndrome. She is 26 years old and her name is Cindy. She has a job, several part time jobs actually, and she loves music and playing basketball. Your program is wonderful and I very much enjoyed it. I hope you will have more episodes. I wish you all the best. ~Violet

Hello from Down Under

Hello to everyone in the Specials.

My name is Carol and I have a 21 year old daughter Louise who has Down syndrome. We live in Perth, Western Australia. We both love your show very much and Louise is hoping that she can one day be living like all of you in a house with her friends and some carers.

I am impressed with the way all of you live together so happily and are so caring of each other. You seem to have a great time when you go out and or are just hanging about the house. It is great to see the issues you have to deal with everyday and how you work out ways to solve them.

Love to hear from you.


Hi Lucy, and Hi to all your house-mates

I live in Toronto, Canada and it's a great place to live here by beautiful Lake Ontario. Although it's a long long way from you, I think I can smell Sam's spray cologne from here!! The daughter of one of my best friends is 22 and has Down's Syndrome and I am definitely going to tell her about your show! I think she will be especially interested in Meaghan's participation in the Special Olympics as she is competing in the Canadian Special Olympics in gymnastics herself. Many years ago, I also lived with several house-mates, and we had many of the exact same discussions that you had on the show. You remind me of the time when I was young, and I enjoy it immensely!


With ondoun! Merry Christmas!

Hello from San Diego!


We love your show! My son, Max is nearly 5 and he has Down syndrome. I'm sure he'd love to live in a house like yours when he's older. Max has also taken surf lessons (like Lewis and Sam) and enjoys all outside activities!

Marti, Max & Larry


We have a 10 month old son with down syndrome. We love watching your show as you all look like you have so much fun. I hope our son grows up to be like Sam or Lewis, they are pure comedy.

Best wishes to you all!

Loved episode 7 guys!!! You

Loved episode 7 guys!!!

You surfers looked great and were very good considering it was your first go! had to chuckle at the silent, not impressed, cold tent bit! was funny. Megan so proud of you and Puppet! great to see you riding and winning a gold! looking forward to next week.

How many episodes are there?

lots of love always
Josie x x x x x x x x x x x x

Hello Lucy!

Hi Lucy my name is Courtney I am 18 years old and I live in America. I have a brother with Down Syndrome, his name is Mathew and he is 6 years old. I just wanted to tell you that I love these documentaries and I think you, Hilly, Megan, Sam, and Lewis are all amazing individuals. You all give me such great hope for my brothers future. I just want to say that I love you all very much and think you are all amazing.
Have a great day.

I am Sarah

Hello I am Sarah,
I live in Kent and have 2 housemates that have a learning disability.
I am a student at the University of Kent even though I am old enough to be a granny!
I have 2 grown up daughters, 3 cats and lots of fish!
I love the Specials and tell everyone about it. I really hope that there are more programmes about and with and for people with a learning disability on the TV, in film and in books and magazines just so that everyone else can just see what I see ... ordinary people living ordinary lives that they deserve, even though you were right to call it the specials.... because you are all such special people to let the cameras in to watch your lives.

Thank you very much,

Sarah xx

I don't have a learning disability, but..

I don't have a learning disability, but one doesn't need a special interest in learning disabilities to love your show! I live in San Francisco and there's all sorts of interesting people here. In fact that's why I moved here, because I knew I'd never get bored in his city. I would be delighted if you all came to visit my city some time. I bet could even find another Lady-Boy show to take you all to.

Anxiously awaiting the next episode,


Hi my names Ava and I'm 10 years old. I have two sisters with Down Syndrome. My older sister Gwen is in to musicals and your show. My younger sister's name is Roz she also loves your show and school. We live in California.It is mostly very warm. But it is good. Cant wait till episode 6. Bye

Hi Lucy, My name is Tracey

Hi Lucy,

My name is Tracey and I have 5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls. One of my girls is called Savannah, she is 9 and has Down Syndrome. We all live in Portsmouth, which is not to far from you.

Best Wishes

Tracey and Savannah xxx :)

We're from Australia

Hi Lucy,

I'm Tim and my son, Tuscan, has Down Syndrome. He's only 18 months old but we've been watching your show together and he absolutely loves it. He's been learning sign language to help him communicate with us before he learns to talk and he always signs that he wants more when your show finishes. He also has red hair like yours!

We live in Melbourne in the south part of Australia. In the summer it's really hot, even up to 45 degrees and in the winter it's cold, but it doesn't really snow much. We have beautiful beaches and lots of interesting animals. You should visit some time!

Thanks for your show!
Love Tim and Tuscan.

We are definitely going to

We are definitely going to visit. Here it is cold and rainy, we wish were in the sun and near a sandy beach. We did go on a holiday to Malta this year it was hot there and we had a lovely beach we went to hang out and swim in the sea

Hi Lucy,

My name is Anne and I live in London.

I am a Speech and Language Therapist. I work with children up to the age of 11 who go to mainstream primary schools. Someone I work with recommended your shows, and I love them!

I have a baby who is 1 year old, so I am also very busy when I am not at work. I like living here. There is lots happening where we live, and we are quite close to the bus stop and shops, which is handy. At the end of our road is a very big park. It's good to go there when the weather is fine, and my baby likes to see the birds on the pond in the park.

love from Anne

Hi Lucy

I grew up in Brighton, and now live in West Sussex. I work for the Child Disability Team working with children who have disabilities, aged up to 18 to ensure they all get the best opportunities. I think you and the other guys are doing a great thing showing the world in to your lives! You are all such lovely people and you have so much fun, I am totally addicted to your show.

Thank you!!!!

Hi Lucy! I don't have a

Hi Lucy!

I don't have a learning disability, but I run a sport and exercise group for children with learning disabilities in York- which is very fun and very tiring. York is a very nice place to live, lots of very old and beautiful buildings and lots of nice bars and pubs to go to (no kareoke though...).


My name is Danielle and I have 2 daughters, Gabrielle and Sophie. My daughter Sophie has Down Syndrome. We all love to watch your show. We live in Canada and in the winter we have a lot of snow. It's nice because we can skate and snowmobile.

Thanks for a great show!


Who I am

My name is Erin and I have a 1 year old son, Malachi, with Down syndrome. and we are from Chicago, Illinois in the USA. I LOVE watching your shows and can't wait for the next one. Keep having fun!!

Hi Lucy & friends from Ottawa, Canada!

Hi Lucy,
Our names are Lianna and Terry. Our son, Gabriel, is four and half years old, and he has Down syndrome. He's just begun Junior Kindergarten and he loves it so far. Today he told me that he wants to go every day, all day long. LOL!

I love your show very much. You and your housemates are funny and smart and such great friends. We should all be so lucky!

I am looking forward to buying the first season on DVD, and to keep watching online. Truly, this program is making a positive difference for our family.


My name is Jane and I have a

My name is Jane and I have a daughter Sarah-Jade with Downs Syndrome she is 15, I love watching about your lives and would love Sarah to live with you when she is older but we are too far away in Yorkshire

Hi Lucy

My name is Sandy Symes and I'm from Australia. I have a little boy called Joshua who has Down Syndrome. He'll be 5 in a couple of months and has an older sister, Emily (12) and an older brother, Nathan (10).
I love your website and videos. You guys are awesome!! I hope Josh finds friends as wonderful as you when he grows up. Thanks for sharing your lives with us.
♥ Sandy


i am geir aage from norway. I am 16 years old. I like ricky martin. I have downs syndrome. I have been to brighton. I like your films.

From Geir Aage

Hello Lucy!

My daughter has Down syndrome and we live in Switzerland, so the answer to the second part of your question is that for a lot of the time, it's snowy! Jaime, my daughter, will have to learn to speak German so she can go to school, and also she'll learn to ski pretty soon we hope. Loving your show and hoping she'll grow up to be as funny and clever as you, Sallyxxx