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Special Olympics

The local Special Olympics softball team (go Arlington Eagles!) here is getting ready for a regional competition on Saturday.
I'm wondering if Megan still participates in the Special Olympics? She handled Puppet beautifully!
All the best,

To everyone

How's everyone's summer been? :) Weather's unfortunately starting to get cooler but I guess it means it's nearer to Christmas!
♥ I think I love The Specials

Hi everyone. I'm 14 and I'd

Hi everyone.

I'm 14 and I'd just like to say I really really like ALL of you and I love watching The Specials. I hope you're all doing well :) Were any of you originally against getting filmed for the 'docusoap'? I can't wait to see more of you all I think you're all amazing :D ♥♥x

New season

Hello. When will the new season come out?

next season


We have not been filmed for some time. Katy is working on another project for 2 months.
If we get some funding then we can start filming again for season 2.

We are glad you enjoy our show. Thankyou for watching.

All the best

Lewis Megan Sam Hilly Lucy

The election (and congratulations!)

Congratulations for winning the Webby Awards!I think The Specials is the best reality show I have seen. Have a great time at the award Ceremony.

You are so famous now that you are on Wikipedia!

Did you all vote in the election on 6th May? Are you happy that Brighton has the first ever MP from the Green Party?

Love From Claire.

P.S. I am looking forward to hearing about your trip to the USA

hi claire

You have a lovely name! wow we are on wikipedia. i wonder who did that? i voted conservative... not very good about the green party wish it was a conservative.
love lewis

Thank you Lewis.

Thank you Lewis!
I like your name too, I have never met anyone who's first name is Lewis but it is my best friend's surname.

If you are conservative, you must be pleased David Cameron is the Prime Minister. I voted lib dem.

I think David Cameron will be a good advocate for people with learning disabilities because of his son Ivan. It is very sad that he died.

Love Claire

New York New York


We are going to catch a broadway show, shopping, sightseeing, cocktails, shopping, shopping, shopping!!!!, watch the Yankees.

So excited. Hopefully we can visit Canada sometime too.

Thanks for your question and watching The Specials

Love Hilly Megan Sam Lucy Lewis

Big trip to New York?

Congratulations on your Webby Awards! What do you plan to do while visiting New York? Love- Shannon

We'd love to have you here!

Come to Canada, we love your show! :)

The Title of The Show

Hello from Chicago, IL!

My friend in my program sent me an episode to watch, and I've been hooked ever since! I love the series, and I think it was long over-due :)

I have a question about the title of the show (The Specials). Who came up with the title? What does 'the specials' mean to you?

A fan,
Elizabeth M.

The Specials

Hi Elizabeth,

Everyone gone for Christmas now !

Hilly is with us of course. Thought I would add to Hilly's comment.

The name the specials was one of a few of the names that we had an idea of. The guys all chose which one they wanted. It was 'the specials'

The idea behind it is reclaiming the word and stopping the phrase being sometimes used in a negative way. We think it works.

From all of us here we want to say thankyou for watching. The show really has raised the profile of learning disabilities in the UK. Without people like yourself watching that wouldnt happen.

Well till season two bye for now.

Have a Merry Christmas.

Dafydd and Carol

The Specials

I am special We are all special, and I have special needs.

Have a happy Christmas.

See you all soon




Just wanted to wish all you guys a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant New Year. Looking forward to the next series. Love to you all from the Winstone family in Worcestershire.


I am going to my family for Christmas. We are all back at our house for New year having a party!

To Sam

What do you want for Christmas? from Arati

To Megan

What pians haveyou for new year?
FROM Lee Humphrey


I am going to go to the Party with all the guys at our house. We have lots of friends coming.

This Message is from all of us.

Thankyou to you and all your group of friends. Your questions have been brilliant.
We hope you enjoy our interview with Alexandra Burke which is going on the website next week.

So until next year thank you so much for watching our show. See you next season.

And most of all HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

to sam

what presents do want for christmas ? i want the new cd DO YOU LIKE THESE
CD s

To Arati and Graham

I want CD's DVD's and an Ipod. I want to get my family some nice presents too.

Hope you get what you would like for Christmas.

To Megan

What are you having for your Christmas Dinner? from Helen

Christmas Dinner

I am a vegetarian. So on Christmas day I am having Nut Roast.

It is lovely.

To Hillie

How often do you go out with your sister? Does she live near by?

From Carly

My lovely Sister

I go out with my sister a lot. She works as a support worker for me. We also go out when she is'nt working on our own. She takes me to do girly shopping.

She lives about 5 minutes away on a road near my house

toall of you do

you wactch strictly come dancing
lovefrom steven


Well I watch it I love it (says SAM)

(Lewis) NO!!!

(Megan) Nope,

(Hilly) No, I like the Dancing on Ice I think it is better

(Lucy) YES!!! I love it it is great.


where are you going to be for chritmas

from sophia

Thanks Megan, we finally got

Thanks Megan, we finally got Sarah a dress from New Look thats very similar to yours i hope she looks as lovely in hers as you do in yours x

Question For Megan

I loved the dress you wore to the film premiere can you tell me where you got it as I need something similar for my daughter Sarah for a party shes been invited to.

Jane x

my dress

HI jane
it is nice you like my dress. i got my dress from Jane Norman in Debenhams.
Megan x

To Lewis

I think you were very good at golf - do you play other sports from Kelly


Yes I do actually, I play for a football team. Me and Sam with help from our carers set a team up that we can play with our mates from college.


Nepal is between China and India I moved to England in 2008 from Arati

To you all

to you all do you go bowling at all love fromsteven

Yep we do!

We like to go bowling, we do go sometimes.

Sam thinks he is the best and likes to win, Lucy is the best though.

Hilly and Megan are very good too. I am okay.

To Lucy

sorry to hear about your mum and dad
splitting up are you feeling better now
from sophia

To Sam

To Sam - be careful with this Meagn thing - I think you shouid ask first to see what he think you don't want to lose agood friends from Lee Humphrey

To you all

Was that your local pub we saw you in? What other pubs do you go to? from Carly

our pub

Well we have got a few pubs we go to. The pub we were in was our local.

Though we like to go a bit further to other pubs near town. This pub had a Karaoke night.
I don't like singing but the others do.

Lucy says she likes the weatherspoon pub in town.

Our best pub is Xuma, and the windmill, and shakespeares head.

We don't go out on saturday at the moment because it is X Factor

To you all

What is your favourite funfair ride? from Helen

Ahhh good question that is, a

Ahhh good question that is, a very good question, I love the dodgems.

Everybody says they do too, Sam, Hilly and Megan. Lucy Loves the rollercoaster!

to lewis

where do you play golf? have you ever played a round of golf ? how often do you go to the driving range ? i play golfy eve goif eve saturday



we go to a driving range near our house. When I play a round of golf I go to a very good course in Cuckfield.

Though I have run out of balls at the moment. Last Time I went I lost about 100.


to megan

megan which stadium were you at for the olympics? it there a special olympics every year

We went to a big stadium in

We went to a big stadium in Leicester, it was a very very big place.


Well actually...I can't say you will have to keep watching the show to find out.

Thank you all for your questions we really liked answering them.

Love Hilly (and the rest of the-Specials)


Do you have a boyfriend yet? from sophia


I am from napali; have any of you been to napali before from? from arati

Never been to Napali

Hi no none of us have been to Napali.

Where is it?

Sam has been to a lot of countries Thailand, Brunai, Cambodia and lots of other places