Any questions about the series or website?

If you have any questions or suggestions about the films, website and our plans for the future then fire away!

How is everyone doing and

How is everyone doing and when can we expect up see more?

new episodes

will there be any new episodes?

new episodes

Hi there

We plan to do more, but first we need to get some funding sorted out. Series 1 was funded by me and my boyfriend and we've run out of cash!

Thanks for watching


New episodes.

Hi Katy,

Really love the show, myself and my flatmates have been really enjoying it - and we've been spreading the word as much as possible!

I work as a journalist in Sydney, Australia, and have also worked in TV here - so I'd love to do all I can in spreading the word here, or even talking to people in TV here if you think there are any channels or other places you think The Specials would fit well on.

Is there a series 2 on the way, at all? I'd love to see how everyone is doing!

Do get in touch, I'd love to help out if I can!


Season 2

Hi Tim

Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry for the delay in my reply. There will indeed be a Season 2 - we have been shooting it since October!

Always grateful to anyone who spreads the word. Probably best not to talk to telly at the moment but it would be great if you could email me your contact details so I could contact you in the future. I can be contacted at

all the best



Hey Everyone!

Just curious about those dance parties--or disco's you call them---you went to for the Halloween party? Is it a certain organization that sets those up or? I would like to do something like that where I live--have a fun event to hang out!

Looking forward to Season 2!



Hi Elizabeth

I am with the guys at the moment, to answer your question, there are two parties in the Specials shows.

A fancy dress with a DJ, which was a friends birthday party, and a disco that is held on a Monday night every 3 months or so (should be a bit more often though!!!!). The Monday disco is the one where Sam gets interrupted by another guy when dancing with Hilly.

We tend to go out on regular nights to regular clubs mostly but there are not many nights around for people with special needs that we can stay out late and party. Most are youth clubs (but we are a all over 20 now not teenagers), and they finish really early because most care organisations change their shift-staff over at 9. So the people they are supporting have to go home early.
We can stay out as late as we like.

It is easy to organise parties we have done quite a few at our house. Just invite all your friends, their friends, people who know you. Get some good music and a few drinks alcohol and non-alcoholic and have a great time.

Good Luck getting an event going.

Thanks for watching

By for now

Dafydd and all the Specials, Lewis, Sam, Hilly, Lucy, Megan

Hits and TV


Loving the series. It's really helping me to understand the future of my little boy who has DS but he has a long way to go to be that independant, he's only 4.5 months :o)

I would love to know how many hits your website gets, is this logged somewhere? I do keep passing on the link as I would love to see this on TV.

Do you think you will try again for a TV slot?

If there anything we can do as fans to help, please shout. I am trying to get an article in the English speaking mag in Luxembourg on my experience with your link in it. If I succeed do you want the Mag sent to you? I have also sent the link to the luxembourg association. I will let you know if they put the link on.

I will keep spreading the news!

Warmest regards
Sam (English, but living in Luxembourg)

Spreading the word

Hi Sam

Great to hear that you are loving the series and that you are already busy spreading the word!

We want the series to reach as many people as possible — both:

  • people with a learning disability and their families, and
  • people who have never even met someone with a learning disability.

Right now though 'The Specials' is only scratching the surface — the site averages about 4,000 visitors a week (most of these linked to LD in some way) and so we need all the help we can get in reaching a larger audience.

You can visit the Spread the Word page for a few tips on how to help us do this. However, if you or anyone else has any ideas on other angles we could try then please let us know. We have started a brainstorming thread both here and on Facebook asking people for suggestions.

In terms of getting the series on TV, it is something we can look at again in the future but we pretty much exhausted all of our options last time and I think it would have to be a hit on the web for UK commissioners to reconsider.

So all we can do is keep spreading the word — hopefully time will prove you can't keep a good thing down!

Thanks again for all your help and my love to your little boy.


i love the idea of the

i love the idea of the specials. I have physical and learning difficulties. i use a wheelchair i would like to live in a supported house with other wheelchair users one day, i would love to have the friendship and go out and try new things, and try to be more independant.

look forward to watching more of the specials

Lovely to hear from you!

Hey wheelteen

Really glad to hear you are enjoying the Specials. I agree with you, the Specials' lifestyle is wonderful - they are great friends, are constantly experiencing new things (and partying!) and are able to do this within a supported environment.

What's your situation? Do you live with your folks at the moment?

All the best


yes i live with my parents

yes i live with my parents

First, I've totally fallen in

First, I've totally fallen in love with all of the housemates. The show is great and I love it.

Have you guys heard of a swedish show called 'in another part of Köping' (i en annan del av köping)? It was broadcasted here in Sweden some years ago, got two seasons on prime time and reminds a lot about the specials. Really heart-warming. If not, it might be worth checking out (even tho' I dare say that the Specials are better).

Looking forward to the next episode!

love from Sweden.

'in another part of Köping'

Hi Eistir

Wonderful to hear that you are enjoying 'The Specials'.

I have indeed heard about 'Köping'. I was shown the series when I was hired to make a pilot show about 'The Specials' for TV in the UK and I thought it was great. Sadly, our series never got beyond the pilot stage but me and my boyfriend loved the idea so much we decided to make it anyway for the web.

Hope you like Episode 7!

All the best


Nice of you that you decided

Nice of you that you decided to continue your work for the web. I also enjoy the show very much. The idea is brilliant.
Thaks for telling about "In another part of Köping", I've found some serias at SE. I was very glad. I like to find something of this kind. It inspires me for something good and gives new ideas.
Wish you all the best in your work!

Awesome show, Great Job! I'm

Awesome show, Great Job! I'm addicted to television, so I'm discovering new programs all the time. It might be time to show the course scraps two great performances I visited last weekend that confirmed my suspicion that things are truley alive and well in West

Second Series?

I am really enjoying this series. Are there any plans for a second one?!


Second Series?

Yes, we definitely want to do a second series! This should go ahead sometime next year. We'll post something on the forum when we have a better idea of exactly when this might be.

Time of filming?

Hi AnnieAnne

Great to hear that you are enjoying the Specials! We started filming the episodes in April 2009 and continued to follow the guys in all they did throughout the summer. Filming has more or less come to an end now but we are all still busy editing the episodes and recording the voiceover.

All the best


Time of filming?

Great website and great shows - what stars you all are!

I was just curious how far in advance of being released are the episodes filmed?

i love the idea of the

i love the idea of the specials. I have physical and learning difficulties. i use a wheelchair i would like to live in a supported house with other wheelchair users one day, i would love to have the friendship and go out and try new things, and try to be more independant.

look forward to watching more of the specials