Most of the music we use in this series was found on a great website called Jamendo. Here's a list of the tracks and artists.


Episode Scene Artist Track
All Intro The Sway Going Blind
All Next time on "The Specials" Avastar It's your life
Hilly Throughout Bessonn&sa I wanna be
Lucy Throughout Fideldeejay Electro 035
Sam Throughout Ultracat Disco High
Lewis Throughout Parallel Dream Stop for a moment
1.1 Gettring ready for karaoke Bessonn&sa I wanna be
1.1 Sam walks home from pub Marc Reeves Never a Second
1.2 Night before Megan moves in. Sungod Abscondo A System
1.2 30 minutes till Megan arrives. Fideldeejay Electro 035
1.2 Saying goodbye to Mum & Dad. Susan Rom X
1.3 Where you going tonight Sam? DrunkSouls Give me a sign
1.3 Sam arrives at the Lady Boys of Bangkok Ultracat Disco High
1.3 Leaving Lady Boys of Bangkok Stella Arts Wars Make it last
1.3 Lewis & Megan go out on a date Brady Harris North Hollywood Skyline
1.4 Shopping & beach No Hair On Head Please
1.4 Leaving Blue Camel Club & crying on the beach Wasaru New Andromeda Theory
1.5 Opening Karl Mundt Project Intro
1.5 Going to fancy dress shop Pornophonique Lemmings in love
1.5 Dressing for fancy dress Parallel Dream Stop for a moment
1.5 Lewis gets the brush off Sungod Abscondo A System
1.6 Supermarket Juanitos Do the Cobra
1.6 Lucy getting ready for her date Macroform Barren Tree
1.6 Lewis misses Megan Fideldeejay Erotic Fantasy
1.7 Things are better Marc Reeves Shadows
1.7 Going surfing Parallel Dream Stop for a moment
1.7 Surfing Ultracat Disco High
1.8 It's the summer holidays! Shearer Change
1.8 Things aren't right with Lucy Porpoise Soldier Bear
1.8 Only one day til the weekend Doubleminds End Stage
1.9 Has Sam asked a girl out? Cool Cavemen Terra Incognita
1.9 Hilly has her nails done Bessonn&sa I wanna be
1.9 The boys make themselves beautiful Insan3Lik3 Nice Day
1.9 Sam works his magic C.J. Rogers Flare Up
1.9 What about Lewis? Susan Rom Nothing to Complain
1.10 We're going to Malta! Shearer Change
1.10 Holiday rep & final scene No Hair On Head Please
1.10 Megan & Sam chat on the beach No Hair On Head Fiesta en Bogota
1.10 Things get complicated again Wasaru New Andromeda Theory

Season 2

Episode Scene Artist Track
2.1 Pre-titles No Hair On Head Girls
2.1 Going to the party c. bass t.n. Star Shift
2.1 Hilly & Paul No Hair On Head Underwater
2.1 House exterior Trancendam Latitude
2.1 Football Professor Kliq Leg Twitch
2.1 We learn about Chris Susan Rom Simply Silence
2.1 Boys night in AdHoc Peninsule
2.1 After the audition announcements Wasaru Cemetery Flowers
2.2 Pretitles The Sway Going Blind
2.2 Things are still a bit tricky… Emorej Home Fires
2.2 Seeing Sam's brother No Hair On Head Underwater
2.2 Only two days till Valentines day Löhstana David Ma Maya Zu Instrumental
2.2 Back home, Megan is up in her room… Emorej Fly
2.2 Greese rehersal Jim Jacobs, Warren Casey Summer Nights
2.2 When was the last time you asked somebody out? Los Muflos Good Night
2.2 It's time for the romance to begin Bruno Belotti Arriverderci a Domani
2.2 Everyone hits the dance floor Armand Van Helden, Dizzee Rascal Bonkers
2.2 I've spent the whole night dancing… John McLaughlin, Wayne Hector, Steve Mac, Steve Robson Queen of my heart
2.2 Next time on "The Specials" Avastar It's your life
2.3 Let's have a cup of tea Susan Rom X
2.3 And once he gets stuck in… Distemper Demand Determines Supply
2.3 Going to college Susan Rom Blue
2.3 There's only one day till the weekend… Max Martin As long as you love me
2.3 It's time to have some fun. David Gay-Perret Renforts
2.3 Hilly has made her decision Fideldeejay Erotic Fantasy
2.3 It's been an emotional week… Emorej Fly
2.4 Sunday afternoon… Professor Kliq Leg Twitch
2.4 I've got somewhere else I need to be… King Dubby Dynamic Dub
2.4 I'm half an hour into my workout… Professor Kliq Lost in the thought
2.4 It's two days… Trancendam Latitude
2.4 But in the end I can't say no to apple crumble Emorej Emotion
2.4 It's almost time for their big date Susan Rom Simply Silence
2.4 At the pier No Hair On Head Girls
2.4 On the big wheel Trancendam Latitude
2.5 So this is preparation for work Grace Valhalla Feeling Scattered
2.5 Seriously Katy Susan Rom X
2.5 The following day… Grace Valhalla Experience II
2.5 At college, everyone is waiting to find out… Macroform Barren Tree
2.5 Grace Valhalla Rash Me
2.5 She's decided to get motivated… King Dubby Dynamic Dub
2.5 It's been an intense week at college… Susan Rom Romance In Air
2.5 Football Cheyenne Soul Cheyenne Soul
2.5 It's the day before graduation… Susan Rom Nothing to Complain
2.5 It's time to graduate SundLy Memories
2.6 Lots of stuff in here Susan Rom Very Fairy
2.6 It's time to go on holiday! Emorej Emotion
2.6 We have arrived on the island of Ibiza King Dubby Dub It
2.6 Waterpark No Hair On Head All the things the bird saw
2.6 Hotel disco Max Martin, Shellback, Savan Kotecha DJ Got Us Fallin in Love again
2.6 Wednesday night… Emorej Fly
2.6 It's Friday night and we're all at the hotel disco Antonio Pellicoro Soca Soca
2.6 Megan's gone to bed tonight Wasaru New Andromeda Theory
2.6 It's the final day of our holiday Susan Rom Nothing to Complain
2.6 It's time to say goodbye to Julie Emorej Emotion
2.7 Summer is almost at an end Trancendam Latitude
2.7 It's time for me to turn on the charm King Dubby Dynamic Dub
2.7 Time for one final heart to heart Susan Rom Romance In Air
2.7 But there's still loads to do SundLy Memories
2.7 Party Fhernando Don't wake me up
2.7 For Hayley Trancendam Latitude