Webisode 1 thumbnail

Webisode 1

Lucy is worried her boyfriend Nick is not calling her, we all storm the local karaoke night and Sam falls in love at first sight.

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Webisode 2

Megan, Lewis's girlfriend, becomes our fifth housemate. Lewis is feeling shy but there's no holding Sam back!

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Webisode 3

Lewis & Megan go out on a date and Sam falls in love with the Lady Boys of Bangkok.

Webisode 4 thumbnail

Webisode 4

Hilly goes on the hunt for a dress & ends up finding a man! Sam gets jealous, but is Hilly heading for heartbreak?

Webisode 5 thumbnail

Webisode 5

After a week hard at work we're ready to party! Things get rocky with Megan and Lewis but Sam thinks he has the answer.

Webisode 6 thumbnail

Webisode 6

Lucy and Nick are all loved up but things still aren't right with Megan and Lewis. Megan goes away to train for the Special Olympics but when she gets back, it's time to talk…

Webisode 7 thumbnail

Webisode 7

Megan is about to leave for the Special Olympics while Lewis and Sam are going surfing in Cornwall. But first Lucy wants to clear the air…

Webisode 8 thumbnail

Webisode 8

While the rest of us are enjoying the summer holidays, Lucy isn't happy. She is eating too much at work and food is only part of the problem…

Webisode 9 thumbnail

Webisode 9

Everyone's looking for a summer romance. But while Hilly knows what she wants, for the others things are about to get complicated…

Webisode 10 thumbnail

Webisode 10

The Specials head off on holiday to Malta but it's not all fun and games. Megan reveals her true feelings for Sam and this time everyone gets involved…